Book Tour: Tristan’s Folly by Marcus Lee

Welcome to my stop on the Storytellers On Tour book tour of Tristan’s Folly by Marcus Lee. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in the series, so when I saw the tour of the second book was open, I signed up as fast as I could and I’m excited to share my thoughts on Tristan’s Folly with you all.

Note: Because this is the second book in the series, there will be heavy spoilers for the first book, Kings and Daemons.

Tristan’s Folly. An aging fortress built over fifty years ago to repel the invading hordes of the Witch-King, Daleth, an invasion that never materialized – until now. Now the stronghold is a crumbling reflection of its former might, with a mere fifteen hundred men all that stands between Daleth’s savage horde of a hundred thousand, and certain doom for the Freestates. As Kings and Daemons face one another, there is but one shining light that pushes back the encroaching darkness, but even her flame is slated to be extinguished thanks to Tristan’s Folly. In this epic tale of a battle against the odds, the best and worst of humankind collide … sacrifice, bravery, and love, set against betrayal, greed, and hatred.

Best Trait: Combat and Worldbuilding

Most of this book takes place at Tristan’s Folly, so we get to see lots of siege combat. Ever since my first time reading Redwall, I’ve loved the atmosphere created by siege combat in books, and I have to say this book pulls far less punches than Redwall when it comes to showcasing the true brutality of the fighting. We get a front-row seat to what it can do to someone, both mentally and physically and this view is shown from several different perspectives so we can see how each person reacts differently to the horrors of war. Although I’ve obviously never been in siege combat myself, I feel this approach gives a decently accurate representation of what it would be like.

There was also a good amount of world building, which impressed me considering most of the book took place in two or three main locations. I particularly noticed a lot of little details that really fleshed out some of the everyday implications of having gifted and daemons just walking around. It’s just a few small mentions and details, but it was a nice addition and helped the world feel much more immersive.

Worst Trait: Romance Focused

Although this won’t be a negative trait to everyone, for me this book had a bit too much focus on the romantic relationship of Maya and Taren. While it was a well-written romance, it wasn’t really my style, which made it feel the book slowed down considerably whenever the focus shifted from combat to romance. There was a good amount of action and other storylines to follow along with, but just be aware this focus might turn off some people. However, if you like romance in your books, this will definitely be a positive for you, so in the end, it comes down to personal taste.

Overall, I enjoyed Tristan’s Folly as much, if not more than Kings and Daemons. Marcus Lee has built a wonderful world, and I hope to have the opportunity to review the last book upon its release and finish off this trilogy.

If you want to check out Tristan’s Folly for yourself, you can find it on Goodreads and Amazon. Or you can enter to win an Ebook version of both Tristan’s Folly and Kings and Daemons HERE before December 6th. To see my fellow bloggers’ views on the book, check out the Book Tour Schedule. And for more from Marcus Lee, you can check out his Website, Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads profile.

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